JB Gloves offers fully customizable baseball and softball gloves with the highest quality leathers for an affordable price




Email us to design your team batting gloves today! Email: Info.JBGloves@gmail.com 


What is the turnaround time?

6 - 8 weeks from order date. —- depending on time of the year it could be up to 12 weeks

Can you color match a certain color of uniform?

We can not guarantee color matching. Of the colors offered they can vary on tint & shade of that color based on the dying & tanning process

Can I change the design once the order is submitted?

No. Once the order has been submitted there can be no changes that can be made to the glove.

Do you have a warranty on your gloves?

No we do not. Too many variables can play into the future condition of a glove. Just know that we do inspect your glove when it comes in to make sure all order specs are met.

Which leather is best?

Each of our four glove leather models uses different leather. We can not speak to which one would be perfect for you. We can only advise which we believe or feel would suit you best from our previous glove experience. We have Japanese Kip Leather (most expensive and stiffest), American Kip Leather (2nd most expensive and still very stiff), Tumbled Cowhide Leather (Traditional Baseball Glove Leather and a little softer leather traditionally) The kip leather gloves are very stiff and can take time to break in. They can be tough to squeeze so if a person is young or has weaker grip strength, this might not be the best option. The best option in our opinion for a person that is younger or doesn't have the best grip strength would be the Tumbled Cowhide Leather. This does not mean the glove comes broken in or it will be easy to break in because it is still stiff. This leather model just tends to break down quicker and it is softer from the beginning.

Is the glove custom fitted to my hand?

No, unfunfortunately that is no the case with us. Our hand stalls are tight for most until the glove is broken in and then it can losen like leather does the more it's used. THe custom parts of the glove is your color choices, size, web, embroidery and a few other things.


    Most players seasons are coming to the end and it's super important to inspect your glove and even get it cleaned, conditioned and then tightened or re-laced before next season. 

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