Custom Gloves


740K Base Kip Leather

This is American Kip Leather.  There is not much difference in the quality of leather from this model to the 614K model.  It is a little bit softer and is a little bit easier to break in.  It is still stiffer then both of the cowhide models, but not as stiff as the 614K model.  This model comes with rolled welting.  This is more for the intermediate type player.  Junior High to High School age and above is suggested beginning age range of User.

614K Pro Kip Leather

This is Japanese Kip Leather.  The highest grade of kip leather that we have access to.  This Kip Leather is very stiff initially, but it is lighter than our cowhide leather.  This model comes with rolled welting.  This is more for experienced player that has good  grip strength and can break in their own gloves.  The break in time with these can be lengthy based on how much you work with the glove.  High School age and above would be the suggested age. 

Tumbled Cowhide

This is our base leather model that we have to offer.  The Tumbled Cowhide Leather is also the softest leather we offer.  This leather has more waves and wrinkles in it.  It is still a thicker leather but that does not equate to stiffness in this leather type.  This model comes with split welting (rough welting).  This is more for the new player, the younger player, women and someone that just wants a glove but not at the higher price. This glove has the quickest break in period due to the softer type of leather.  With the leather being softer, one might think that it won't last as long as other gloves but it is all in how you take care of your glove.  The suggested age for this leather style is 3 years of age and up.  As soon as a child can walk, this gloves should be in their wheelhouse.  There is no max age suggestion on this leather type.